What the hell is that bright orb in the sky?! It’s hard to tell, but I CAN tell you it’s usually an indicator of warmer temps, a change of seasonal beers and the opening of beer patios. One of our favorite outdoor sunny beer spots is Schweinhaus Biergarten on State St.

For the past month+ Schweinhaus has been shutdown as Manager Joe LeDoux an company were working hard on upkeep and refining the Schwein. We’ve been waiting for the Scwhein’s awesome tap selection, open beer garden feel and corn hole to energize the Tap Trail with it’s sunny disposition….

Wait no more! As of today, it is open!!

The Schwein is one of our most unique stops on the Tap Trail and they also have great food. I love the schnitzel. After you hit up the Schwein you’ll be in prime location to hit up three other Tap Trail locations: Copper Hog (across the street), Aslan Brewing (up Magnolia) and the newest location on the Tap Trail, Structures Brewing (down one block north on State St.)

Make sure to grab your Tap Trail map and a stamp while you’re sipping on a stein. Here’s what they have on tap today:

Radeberger Pilsner, Veltin’s German Pilsner, Silver City Fat Scotch Ale, Port Townsend Reel Amber, Hale’s Ales Pub El Jefe, Island Hoppin K Pod Kolsch, Konig Ludwig Weissbier Dunkel, Iron Horse Irish Death, Ace Berry, Pelican Dirty Bird IPA, Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale, Montucky Cold Snack!

In some ways, the opening of Schweinhaus was the “rug that tied the room together.”

They Schwein has gone through continual changes and it gets better every time!

An early iteration of the Schwein. It now has a roof and it protected from the elements, but still retains that open-air feel.


As seen under construction

All the food!

All the food!