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The grossest ingredients in beer

Beyond the four main ingredients in beer (malted barley, hops, water and yeast), many brewers also use a variety of other ingredients, including spices, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, sugars, roots, you name it. But some brewers take things a bit further by adding extremely uncommon or shocking ingredients. Sometimes they do this as gimmicky marketing [...]

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Homebrew Diaries: Making a kettle-soured beer

Sour ales, or beers that feature acidic and tart qualities derived from one or more strains of lactic acid bacteria, can be made in many different ways. Generally speaking, there are traditional, long-aged sour ales and there are quick/wort-soured sour ales. Most of the commercial sour ales on the market are [...]

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Tap Roundup – 9/2

Pint Points The Green Frog is hosting a couple of awesome Bellingham Beer Week events including a showcase of the best breweries from The Gorge area AND a showcase of breweries from Skagit County. Wander and Melvin Brewing are teaming up for a secret Popup Fest for Bellingham Beer Week. Read [...]

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Bellingham Brewed Reviews – North Fork DooLittle Sour

  One of the growing trends in the American craft brewing scene the last few years has been the emergence of “sour” beers. This is a very broad term, and covers a lot of territory. A lot of the use of souring “bugs” such as Brettanomyces (of which there are several [...]

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