Bellingham, WA (June 2017) – There’s going to the movies, and then there’s going to see a movie at Pickford Film Center. Come on in, be greeted and served by a volunteer, buy some GMO free popcorn with real melted butter, and sit down with your glass of draft beer, the latest edition to our line of concessions.

As our saying claims, Pickford Film Center is “more than movies.” Here at the Pickford, we are constantly pushing ourselves, continuously asking what more can we do to further our role in this wonderful community we live in. Much of our existence is due in part to the tremendous support we receive from the community, so we take great pleasure in making sure that some of the money we spend goes directly back into the community. That being said, we here at Pickford Film Center think critically about not only what we serve, but who we serve.

Draft beer is the Pickford’s latest installation to better serve our community. Slowly over the years, we have watched Bellingham grow into a remarkable craft beer hub it is today. One of the benefits of this trend of change is the ability to prioritize local beer in our offerings. Since the Pickford’s conception, we have been constricted to only selling beer in bottles and cans. The problem this creates is the lack of variety we can provide to our customers while trying to focus on keeping our sales as local as possible.

With support and guidance from our long-time partners Boundary Bay Brewing, Pickford Film Center was able to move forward with the installation of a draft system, something that the organization has been striving towards for years. Now with the addition of three tap lines, the Pickford will be able to expand its beer options, giving access to local possibilities that were previously unattainable.

Pickford Film Center is proud to announce that its draft beer system is now open to the public for anyone age 21+ to come and enjoy.