Pico has recently introduced its new Model C brewing appliance, which builds on the technology created for its big brother, the Pico Model S (and its even bigger brother, the Zymatic). The company says this new machine is easier to use and more affordable.

As of today (5/9/17), nearly $1.7 million has already been pledged of the original $350,000 Kickstarter goal, and there are 3 days to go. As of now, there are still units available for $329 in the Production Run #1. The expected retail price will be $549.

November 2015, I shared my thoughts on the Pico Model S, and most of those thoughts still apply to this new model. Although, I have to say, at only $329, I’m tempted to buy one just for fun. It wouldn’t replace my current all-grain system, but I think it would be a fun toy to mess around with, regardless of what some homebrewers think of it.

Pico has also come out with some new add-ons and features. Most notably, for an additional $170, you can purchase the PicoStill, which is a first-of-its-kind, patent-pending distilling attachment that is compatible with all Pico and Zymatic brewing appliances. PicoStill features a sleek copper distilling coil and a clear glass infusion chamber that fits over the Pico C Keg. It can be used to distill hop oil, water, and make other essential oils. “With proper licenses and permits,” the PicoStill can also be used to distill spirits.

Also new are kombucha PicoPaks, for those wanting to make their own kombucha; the PicoFerm, a web-connected fermentation monitor; and the user friendly BrewPulse app, which keeps track of the brewing process, among other things. The Pico C also has the ability to cook using the sous vide method.