“What if you could explore fresh craft beer from breweries around the world, and what if you could brew it yourself customized to your own taste in your own home?”

Ladies and gentlemen, put away your kettles and carboys because homebrewing just got a whole lot easier. A new device based out of Seattle has been introduced via kickstarter that can turn anyone into a homebrewer.

Pico brews your entire beer from start to finish, including a steam finish cleaning at the end. Well, you still have to add in the yeast for fermentation, but still. It’s essentially a Keurig for craft beer. All you have to do is pop in a “PicoPak” which holds all the ingredients, adjust your alcohol and bitterness level, and then you’re good to go.

What’s even more impressive is that they’ve already teamed up with over 50 breweries to construct PicoPaks, including big names such as Dogfish Head and Rogue. Plus, these PicoPaks are completely 100% compostable, so there’s practically no waste.

“Pico is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew 5L mini-kegs of professional quality craft beer. Pico leverages patented technology from PicoBrew’s award-winning Zymatic product in a more compact and affordable form. Pico uses convenient, ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits produced by over 50 of the world’s most interesting craft breweries (with more announced every day). PicoPaks may be purchased from the BrewMarketplace and customized to taste.” – Pico Kickstarter

So what do you think? Is this the future of craft brewing, or is it just a lazy excuse for homebrewing?