Hello everyone, and welcome to another installment of Pop Culture Pairing, a Tap Trail series where we combine our love of beer culture with our love of pop culture.

This week, we travel to Westeros and beersonify Game of Thrones characters with a popular brew.

*Spoilers ahead. Be wary reading on if you aren’t caught up with the series.

Why-Jon-Snow-Isnt-Dead-Game-ThronesJon Snow: Bastard Kat IPA – Kulshan Brewing

Oh Jon the Bastard, the whole world is still mourning over you. I contemplated pairing Jon Snow with Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, but 1) it felt too soon and 2) I’m still praying Melisandre will resurrect him in season 6. Instead, I went with the obvious pairing.


TyrionEWTyrion Lannister: A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale – Lagunitas Brewing 

If there was ever an argument for big things come in small packages, it would be Tyrion Lannister. He may be a dwarf, but what he lacks in brawn he makes up for with brain. He’s wise and extremely skilled in wordplay; talking himself out of deadly situations numerous times. Plus, anyone who kills his father with a crossbow on the toilet is more than “just a dwarf.”

QDLPg130Jaime Lannister: Handy’s Gold – Singin’ River Brewing

Ah, everyone’s favorite jerk turned not so jerk. We’ve really watched the Kingslayer transform over the course of the series, haven’t we? In terms of beer though, losing a hand is ~almost~ worth it if it means getting a sweet gold replacement.


8fbe7ec07f238b8a91fa3962235c5ef2Cersei Lannister: Walk of Shame Belgian Wheat Whine – Boomtown Brewery

Oh I just can’t wait to be queen. From weird incest stuff with Jamie to having people murdered all the freaking time, the whole naked shame walk through King’s Landing scene had to be the most uncomfortably satisfying thing I’ve ever witnessed. Shame. Shame. Shame.

b9546a833fa7bcd88a60efb4ea98295a11004ebfArya Stark: Shorty’s Revenge – E.J. Phair Brewing

Such a badass. There isn’t much to say besides that. Arya may be just a child, but this girl is freaking deadly! Her family will be avenged!



Sansa-Stark-Actress-11Sansa Stark: Already Taken – The Beer’d Brewing Co.

Man, what a bummer of a character. Basically since season 2 we’ve watched Sansa been a captive, but the captors have changed three times! She is so damn helpless. I guess one advantage of jumping off a castle wall is she won’t be taken captive anymore? Unless she survived the fall, then god help that depressing woman.


Reek-402Theon Greyjoy/Reek: Dick’s Silk Lady – Dick’s Brewing 

Speaking of pathetic… Betrayed the Stark house, burned farm boys (WHO WEREN’T EVEN STARK KIDS), Theon went from being a huge dick to having no dick. Poor torture Reek. Again, who knows if surviving the castle jump is even worth it. I mean, how’s he going to dig his way out of the snow and ice without all of his fingers?


Gwendoline-ChristieBrienne of Tarth: Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA – Green Flash Brewing

Giant female warrior hear her roar! Girl fought a bear in a freaking pit! She spent three seasons searching for the missing Stark sisters, and she kicked major ass while doing so! God, she’s so awesome.


Daenerys_Targaryen_with_Dragon-Emilia_ClarkeDaenerys Targaryen: Dragonstooth Oatmeal Stout – Elysian Brewing 

She’s the effing mother of dragons. What more do you want?




Jorah-Mormont-house-targaryen-24524216-311-280Jorah Mormont: Pour Judgement IPA – Grey Sail Brewing

Daenerys freaking banishes him from the city and yet Jorah is still trying to get with her?! Calm down, dude. That’s the point in which any sane person would move on, but instead Jorah literally fights his way back in, contracting greyscale while doing so. Poor little rabid romantic, doing anything to help his queen.


114455f2df7d04478c7fb92790fab519Ramsay Bolton: Bud Light

Most universally hated character. Pure evil. Loves torturing and killing people. Captures women and strips them naked then lets them run away and sends his dogs after them to kill them. Sounds like every frat guy’s favorite beer to me.