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Okay everyone, let’s be honest for a second. I know most of us (myself included) are bandwagon Seahawks fans and really didn’t start caring about the team until they started getting good. Now, I’m sure many of you are OG Seahawks fans, and you should feel proud of yourself, however I believe there’s beauty to be found in seeing how the 12th Man really grew so rapidly.

Over the past few years, the Seahawks gained the heart and support of its region, uniting our gorgeous evergreen state. Watching them play the fast few seasons has turned someone like me who couldn’t care less about football into a die hard fan exuding pride in a team and a city.

So in honor Blue Friday and earning the 5th seat in the playoffs, this week we beersonify the Seattle Seahawks. Because what pairs better with beer than football?


032514-topics-sports-football-Russell-WilsonRussell Wilson: He’Brew Messiah Nut Brown Ale – Shmaltz Brewing

The holy chosen one. Russell Wilson is a quarterback that can do it all. He’s a miracle worker. He’s our Messiah. And while he may not appreciate that anti-Christian sentiment, Russell Wilson has truly been the Seahawks’ savior. While he may be a total nut for deciding to throw the ball instead of passing it to Lynch during last year’s Superbowl, and while he may have made a lot of mistakes at the start of the season, all is forgiven and we will continue to praise Wilson. May Russell bless the Seahawks that they may move forward to Superbowl 50.


marshawn-lynch-skittles-press-conferenceMarshawn Lynch: 12th Man Skittles IPA – Foggy Noggin Brewing

I know this choice is really obvious, but it had to be done. Lynch may not be a man of many words, but one thing’s for sure: guy loves his skittles. It became a national obsession to watch him mow down on the candy from the sidelines. What’s even more adorable about watching this big dude eat sugary treats is that his Skittles ritual is that it all started with his sweet mama. According to an article on the official Seahawks website, Lynch’s mama would stash Skittles in her purse and feed him “power pellets” when he was little before a game. “I would give him a handful of Skittles and say, ‘Eat ’em up, baby. They’re going to make you run fast and they’re going to make you play good.” Here’s hoping that Marshawn Lynch has been feeding on plenty of Skittles while he’s been recovering from surgery; I think we’re all ready for the return of Beast Mode.


richard_Sherman.gif-456794Richard Sherman: Ill-Tempered Gnome – Oakshire Brewing

Richard Sherman has to be one of the funnest players to watch in the NFL. Yeah, it’s annoying to get a five yard penalty every time he shows “unsportsmanlike conduct,” but it sure is entertaining to watch go down. Let us all not forget a when we played the 49ers a couple seasons ago, and Richard Sherman had to pay a fine for this showboating move right here. Then Sherman proceeded to go OFF during an interview about Crabtree and warned the whole world “DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME.” Like, I know it was immature, but that was the day I kind of fell in love with Richard Sherman.


tyler-lockett_pg_600Tyler Lockett: A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale – Lagunitas Brewing

Where the hell did this kid come from?! He’s 23 years old; an undrafted free agent pickup during the draft. Granted he’s still huge by normal people status, but out on the field next to all the other players he’s so adorably small. This is why it’s so damn impressive to see Lockett play the way he does. In last Sunday’s game alone against the Cardinals, he had three punt returns, one of which was 66 yards! I mean, come on! This kid is no force to be reckoned with. He may be little, but he sure is packing in a little sumpin’ extra.


thomas-rawlsThomas Rawls: Wee Beast – Isle of Skye Brewing

First off, this kid is only 22 years old! However, despite his age, he really showed off his chops as a running back. Up until his injury a couple of weeks ago, he was really proving himself to be a mini Beast Mode for the Seahawks. For a second there, I’ll admit I wasn’t even really missing Marshawn Lynch too much during Rawls’ last few games. He’s a wee beast not be reckoned with.


Steven+Hauschka+Seattle+Seahawks+v+San+Francisco+aixGLtOL5G6lSteven Hauschka: Seat Kicker IPA -Airways Brewing

Hauschka’s not going anywhere. Besides holding the title for my favorite last name to say in the NFL, Hauschka is an insane kicker. His field-goal kicks were 16-0 at the beginning of this season, and four of those were over 50 yards. In fact, his field goals have been the point difference for the Seahawks’ victories in many occasions. You honestly don’t realize how vital a kicker can be until those points really start to make a difference. His consistency got a little shaky at the end of the regular season this year, but Hauschka is still an intense kicker.


Earl Thomas III: Safety Dance – Smartmouth Brewing

You can dance if you want to, Earl Thomas III. I mean, I sure would if I was the highest paid safety in the NFL. He’s sitting pretty with a four year contract of forty million dollars. He was an essential component to the “Legion of Boom,” leading our defense into one of the top rankings in the league.


iPete Caroll: El Jefe Weizen Ale – Hale’s Ale’s Brewery

The head honcho. The mighty leader. El Jefe. Pete Caroll gave us the Seahawks we wanted and so desperately needed. Since signing on to coach the Seahawks, Pete Caroll has shaped the team into one that isn’t to be reckoned with. No one used to take the Seahawks seriously. Pete Caroll’s leadership is how the team got to where they are. He’s the boss. He’s el Jefe.


12th-Man-630x43012th Man: One Louder – Barley Forge Brewing

Yeah okay, so Seahawks fan aren’t the original 12th man, but we sure as hell earned to right to claim it ours now. There’s a reason we have such a home game advantage: It’s too damn loud for the visiting team to communicate. With a record number of false starts on the visiting side, it never gets tiring to watch a game and see the frustration coming from the opposing time every time they get a five-yard penalty because of 12th man. There’s being loud at a football game, and then there’s 12th man; the push that’s just one louder than a normal fan base. We’re obnoxious, but hey, we’re a key player to the Seahawks.


And there you have it, Seattle Seahawks beersonified. Now you have the perfect pairing to watch the Seahawks kick some ass in the post season.

Be sure to comment and let us know what piece of pop culture you want us to pair with next.