12 Portland breweries will be partaking in a competition put on by county authorities to brew beer with treated sewage water. The competition is intended to showcase the various ways you can use recycled water with the intent of stirring discussion about long term water needs. From the article.

“Is there another use we can use for it to meet our long-term water needs? Oregon needs to be thinking about that,” said Mark Jockers with Clean Water Services.

The agency says a special purification system is able to make sewer water even cleaner than your typical drinking water.

“The water that comes from the high purity water system is the cleanest water on the planet,” said Jockers.

And when it comes to making beer, the purer the water, the better the brew.

It’s been jokingly called “sewage brewage.”

But don’t expect to be finding the beverage on store shelves anytime soon.

The competition this summer is just for fun.

The Department of Environmental Quality actually has to change one of its policies to allow the home-brewers to use the water straight from the treatment plant.