googly eyes posterWander Brewing‘s first canned offering, Googly Eyes Double IPA, was released in September during Bellingham Beer Week to rave reviews and copious cans consumed. Googly Eyes was was only available in Wander’s taproom, both on tap and in cans. I bought a few of those sweet looking delicious four packs. They didn’t last long in my fridge and a friend even drank my remaining can from out of my fridge without asking. It upset me. I just began speaking to him again. Basically, I’m saying Wander’s Googly Eyes is so good it has split up friends and was very popular – like that cute guy or girl you remember from high school.

Wander heard about the commotion their first can release caused and decided to create more infighting between friends. They will be releasing Single EyePA on November 11/22 on tap and in cans. Only available in the brew hall.

Remember that cute little raccoon fellow from the Googly Eyes can? Well, he’s kinda making a return, but without the antlers and psychedelic colors (I’ll miss that) and he now has an eye-patch, so only one eye. In case you haven’t figured where I’m going with this, there’s a play on words with the eye patch thing and the name.single-eye-poster-web

What’s so special about Single EyePA? Owner, Chad Kuehl told Tap Trail,

Single EyPA is the first in a series of rotating hop IPA series. Single strength, single hop. This round is Citra. Brewed with barley, oats and wheat.

So Single EyePA is just the start of something great. I’m guessing here, but those oats are probably going to give it some pretty awesome head retention. But go try it and tell me. Pints of Single EyePA will be $5. 16oz Four packs will be $12.

While you’re heading down for a pint and a four pack, be comforted knowing that $1 from every 4 pack will go to Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services. Maybe you should pick up two of those?


Custom shoes from Novato

That little raccoon fellow was sketched up by Bellingham’s most popular artist, Logan McQuaig of Novato Designs. He’s a pretty big deal. For instance, last week he was on Monday Night Football where Matt Hasselbeck wore his custom shoes. I went to high school with Logan, so I’m awesome by association. Matt Parise did the design work. Single EyePA has all the community backing to make it another canned success. Make sure to be at the Brew Hall on 11/22 to grab a pint and a four pack, or two. Also, prepare to lose a friend. Though we expect it’ll be worth it.