RateBeer has just released its last batch of competition results from its annual RateBeer Best Awards for the year 2016.

“I’d like to raise a glass to the people who make the beer we drink,” says Joe Tucker, executive director of RateBeer. “These men and women are the artists, engineers, visionaries, chefs, CEOs and of course janitors and many other roles combined that are today’s craft brewer. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a beer with many around the craft beer industry and there are no more passionate, skilled, brave and hard working people on the planet. The great success of craft beer around the world is further testament to this.

“It’s my great pleasure to honor them, and all those in the craft beer industry, with the results of this year’s RateBeer Best.”

Among Washington’s winners, special congratulations goes out to Fremont Brewing, which took home multiple awards this year.

Here are all the winners from Washington:

BEST BY STYLE – American Strong Ale Category:

GOLD: Fremont Abominable Bourbon Barrel Coffee Cinnamon, Fremont Brewing, Seattle

SILVER: Fremont Brew 1000, Fremont Brewing, Seattle

BEST BEERS IN THE WORLD (TOP 100 beers based on 2016 reviews)

Fremont Abominable Bourbon Barrel Coffee Cinnamon, Fremont Brewing, Seattle

BEST BEERS (by subregion / Washington)

Fremont Rusty Nail, Fremont Brewing, Seattle

BEST TOP BREWERS (by subregion / Washington)

Fremont Brewing

BEST NEW BREWERS (by subregion / Washington)

Cloudburst Brewing

BEST PLACES FOR BEER (in Washington)

BREWPUB: Naked City Taphouse

RESTAURANT: Yard House Seattle

BREWER TAP ROOM: Reuben’s Brews

BOTTLE SHOP: The Beer Junction

GROCERY: Whole Foods Market Roosevelt Square

BAR: Brouwer’s Cafe

De Garde was a standout in Oregon, taking home multiple category wins, including one of the most prestigious rankings, a slot in the TOP 10 BEST BREWERS OF THE WORLD. Also of note, Great Notion Brewing of Portland earned a No. 4 position in the TOP 10 NEW BREWERS category.

See the full list of winners here.


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