Big Beer continues to make purchases and they don’t stop in the US. Anheuser/InBev has made some notable purchases in the US recently, but, as we’ve stated many times before, the craft beer craze is international, making craft breweries everywhere of higher interest to larger breweries. According to Meantime Brewing’s owner Nick Miller, they don’t think the purchase will harm the quality or perception of it’s beer. As reported in the Guardian,

“I think the term ‘craft’ will disappear. It will become the norm that we have craft beer whether the brewer is big or small. If you stay true to what you believe in, which is high quality premium beers… I think the drinker will welcome that.”

Meantime is a 12,000 barrel brewery out of London and saw a 58% increase in production. Craft beer holds a 1% market share in the UK, as compared to a 11% market share in the US. We can expect to see more purchases in the near future from SABMiller as they get into the craft beer market, like the other large breweries of the world.