Okay, this isn't quite as ambitious as we thought (Picture: ZalecDR)File this under “Dreams Come True.” The small town of Zalec, Slovenia has decided to build a public fountain. Sounds pretty mundane, right? Not when you consider that beer will be flowing from it instead of water!

Instead of the fountain spraying beer into a bowl, like you’re thinking about in your head, there will be spigots that dispense beer. I’d say calling this a “fountain” is a stretch. It’s more like a bunch of water stations standing next to each other…that server beer. In fact, you’d have to pay for $7 for a commemorative mug filled with that local beer. So it’s a fountain that you pay for. This isn’t as cool as I thought.

The more I think about this, the less I like it. If they are going to pay $400,000 for this feature, why not just invest it in an actual local brewery? Include outdoor seating, state of the art goodness. Live edge counter tops, steel, cement, industrial…you know standard PNW aesthetics. Why wouldn’t a brewery in Slovenia look like a brewery in the US?!

Slovenian town presses ahead with plans for a public beer fountain

It doesn’t look like this.

Zalec is in a very prominent hop growing region of Slovenia. So prominent that is called the Valley of Green GoldBut I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to buy beer from a fountain. I’d prefer to go to a brewery. Zalec, build a brewery!