Hey, we’re offering you a chance to win a badass hand-picked craft beer gift basket from the beer ninjas at Elizabeth Station by simply taking a photo. So here’s how it works.

  1. Photos must be new (can’t tag old photos.)
  2. Take as many awesome photos until 12/12 on the Tap Trail of you and your friends, drinking, walking, playing, laughing. Get creative!
  3. You must be in a Tap Trail location OR include a recognizable Tap Trail brand (Tap Trail brewery or taphouse gear, Tap Trail schwag, visible Tap Trail location logo, etc.) For instance, if you’re taking a photo at your house, there’s gotta be a brewery, taphouse, or Tap Trail logo or gear somewhere in the shot.
  4. Post to Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #snapsontap.
  5. The winning photo will best capture the “spirit of Tap Trail.”
  6. We’ll announce the winner on 12/14.

The folks at Elizabeth Station have some pretty awesome ideas for this basket, so make sure these photos are unique because you’re going to want this basket!

See image for full swanky details and share with your friends.