Jack and Tony at Fairhaven Stones Throw are on their way to opening Bellingham’s newest brewery. They recently gave us all a look at the their new brew house. There is still much to be done, but we do know the fermenters and brewing facility will start going in very soon!

When Fairhaven Stones Throw Brewing, Gruff Brewing and K2 open, we’ll have 10 breweries in Bellingham. A while ago we did an interview with Jack, Owner of Stones Throw. Check it out here.

Not far behind will be the recently announced Subdued Brewing that is in the very early stages, with plans to open up in the Gifford’s Market in the Columbia Neighborhood.

Bellingham your breweries are plentiful and your beer sublime. Keep it up!



A description of the mock up from their Facebook page is below:

“Container brewery coming soon.

Here is my add hoc sketch up of  ‪#‎FairhavenStonesThrowBrewery‬
Red containers are brew house
Blue container is 2ada bathrooms
40′ container is mill room and fermenting room with 5-7bbl fv
The fire pit is a fire pit
The box in the bottom is our walk in cooler, with 5 serving tanks.”