UPDATE: Stone’s Official Statement is here.

This is a developing story, but it sounds like Stone Brewing has laid off “dozens” of employees. Stone recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary and has yet to follow the route of so many breweries that have been bought out by larger breweries or investment companies.

The most recent of which was today’s announcement that Brooklyn Brewery has sold a 24.5% share to Kirin. That 24.5% means it comes in JUST under the Brewer Association’s 25% threshold to remain “craft.”

One of Stone’s employees is their Brewhouse receptionist Denise Ratfied, who made a public Facebook post about the layoffs. We’ll see what happens and if Stone makes an official statement.

According to Mitch Steele, former brew master of Stone Brewing, there’s been a total of 75 people laid off

h/t The Full Pint