It seems Stones Throw Brewing and Structures Brewing are running neck and neck for who will be Bellingham’s next brewery. They’ll both be adding some incredible brewing and aesthetic diversity to the Tap Trail. Stones Throw will also be adding Fairhaven’s first brewery, just blocks away from Archer Ale House.

Jack and Tony of Stones Throw and Ryan and James of Structures, will be members of Bellingham’s new breed of brewery owners. No kitchens, or back of the house, just craft beer. No doubt, they’ll rely on our plethora of food trucks.

Stones Throw’s unique design has added some days to the timeline, but it will be well worth the wait. They’ve also had a beautiful steel beam bar built. According to Stones Throw,

One of our most time consuming tasks has been thoughtful design toward overlapping constraints. Our space is limited and maximizing it for public use has been tricky, a century of design challenges exist, but our team has endured. We have intentionally separated areas that will host groups and individuals into spaces more conducive for conversation together.  We want Stones Throw to invite intimate interaction, yet also allow groups of people to enjoy what we have created too.

Structures Tap Room

Structures Tap Room

Structure’s Brewing is in the midst of a week straight of brewing as they prepare for opening this winter. They just brewed up a Double IPA hopped with Hallertau and Galaxy hops. Their first brew on their new system was a Brett beer, which should allude to what we can expect from this highly anticipated brewery. The progress on the bar and seating area has been coming along. Like Stones Throw, Ryan and James are doing a bunch of the work themselves.

12119153_1223707244321930_3515146323176899564_nStone’s Throw is still waiting on their Certificate of Occupancy from the city. Structures received their’s about 3 weeks ago. Occupancy is what lets you actually have people in your establishment. To obtain their certificate, Stones Throw needs to jump a few hurdles, but here’s a video montage of the amazing progress they’ve made to date!

To keep up on Stones Throw’s progress, head to their Facebook page, or their blog.

So that leaves us with Subdued Brewing, Gruff and Illuminati Brewing opening, hopefully, in early 2016. Total number of breweries, including North Fork, will be at 13 breweries in Bellingham