15194419_1601425943216723_2722549761901447516_oStructures Brewing is, without a doubt, one of Bellingham’s most unique and prolific breweries. Since opening in December 2015, they have brewed over 60 different beers. That’s more than 5 different beers, every single month. James Alexander, Structure’s owner and head brewer, brought his style of northeast beers to Bellingham and we’re thankful he did. On December 2nd – 3rd, at 1420 North State St, we get to celebrate their one year anniversary.

James’ complex mixed fermentations are exactly the change of pace Bellingham was looking for. Structures has brought the “fresh” philosophy with it. James stresses that their beers are brewed to be crushed right when they are put on tap. When they announce a new beer, it’s a beacon to come get it. This isn’t a party you show up fashionably late for. Get there on time and grab a pint because you probably won’t see that beer again.

“Fresh” allows the beer to be enjoyed at their peak and allows Structures to offer a heavy rotation of new beers. They are, admittedly arguably, one of a handful of breweries in Washington State, to regularly brew that northeast hazy style. Many brew it, but it’s not their focus.

Different isn’t always better, but in the case of Structures it is. “They are offering something we don’t have and it’s important,” said a member of the Bellingham beer industry.

When I met James a year and a half ago, I told him I was excited to have them in town and I was sure I’d like his beers. In true James style, he was gracefully skeptical of my boundless-enthusiasm for new things

[I just like new shit, dudes!]. He answered with a smile, “Let’s have you try them first. Then tell me what you think.” Naturally.

Structures will probably never submit a beer to any competition, or BJCP judge. That’s just not important to them. James does what he thinks is best for his beer. Over the past year, I’ve seen Structures’ injection into our community alter how beer is talked about in the industry and changed what craft beer lovers expect.


Structures’ Anniversary Labels: Top – IPA Can; Bottom: Ognam 750ml

They have never brewed the same beer in 12 months, but for their anniversary they are bringing back a few of their favorite saisons. Most importantly, they will be releasing their first canned beer, which will be an IPA. They will also release one 750ml bottle called Ognam (‘mango’, backwards), which is a mixed fermentation ale, conditioned on fresh mangoes. The only place you’ll be able to buy these is at the brewery. Like the rest of their beers, they are brewed to be crushed fresh. If you don’t buy it fresh, you won’t get any, so make sure you swing by and grab each.

10% of all IPA can sales for the weekend, go to the Whatcom Mountain Bikers Coalition. Also, Feast Food Truck will be there to keep your tummy full.

James told me they might release another bottle this weekend, but emphasized “maybe.” As you have probably guessed James isn’t going to release it until it’s ready to be enjoyed fresh.