Homebrew Diaries: Making a kettle-soured beer

Sour ales, or beers that feature acidic and tart qualities derived from one or more strains of lactic acid bacteria, can be made in many different ways. Generally speaking, there are traditional, long-aged sour ales and there are quick/wort-soured sour ales. Most of the commercial sour ales on the market are [...]

Homebrew Diaries: Making a kettle-soured beer2018-10-18T13:21:15-07:00

The ever-evolving IPA and its many variants

By far, the India Pale Ale is the most popular style of craft beer, and I don’t see its status changing anytime soon. Every so often, another critic claims this hop-craze “trend” will fade, and that it will be replaced by the rising popularity of light lagers or the surge of saisons, [...]

The ever-evolving IPA and its many variants2018-10-18T13:21:35-07:00

Tropical IPAs are hot

With this last round of snowstorms behind us, I think we could all use a tropical escape. But if that’s not possible, the next best thing just might be some tropical drinks, and I’m not talking sugary cocktails with tiny umbrellas. In recent times, I’ve noticed a surge of “tropical IPAs” [...]

Tropical IPAs are hot2018-10-18T13:21:41-07:00

On the sour ale surge

I’ve been thinking a lot about sour ales lately. Not only because I love to drink them and I love to make them (I currently have 8 different batches of sour ale fermenting right now), but because they’re exploding in popularity. Every time I visit Elizabeth Station, I find at least [...]

On the sour ale surge2018-10-18T13:22:05-07:00

The venerable IPA

Yesterday was “IPA Day,” a special day that was created in 2011 to celebrate the India pale ale through social media (#IPAday) and various events. With the popularity of IPA these days, some joke that every day is IPA Day. "Session" IPAs Even though I appreciate and enjoy drinking [...]

The venerable IPA2018-10-18T13:22:13-07:00

Wander Brewing adds a coolship to its Barrel Project

Wander Brewing’s new coolship (an anglicized term from the Dutch/Flemish word, koelschip) may not be the sexiest-looking piece of equipment in the brewery, but it’s arguably the most romantic. This large, shallow and open stainless steel vessel will be used to make spontaneously fermented ales, similar to how they’re made by [...]

Wander Brewing adds a coolship to its Barrel Project2018-10-18T13:22:17-07:00

Merchant du Vin creates first annual Orval Day

This Saturday, March 26, devotees of Orval Trappist Ale will convene in bars across America to celebrate one of the world’s finest and most unique beers. Orval Day was created by Merchant du Vin, a Seattle-based specialty beer importer since 1978, and it will feature celebrations in many cities, including Seattle, [...]

Merchant du Vin creates first annual Orval Day2018-10-18T13:22:47-07:00

Why there’s a lack of love for (craft) lagers

Lagers dominate the beer market in the United States. By volume, they make up more than three-fourths of the market, and the top 20 best-selling beers in America are all lagers. But in the craft beer segment, lagers make up the minority. Craft breweries mostly produce ales, and ales are overwhelmingly [...]

Why there’s a lack of love for (craft) lagers2018-10-18T13:22:58-07:00

Beer Style Profile: Lambic and Spontaneously Fermented Ale

No beer is more romantic or more connected to Mother Nature than Lambics and spontaneously fermented ales. These unique beers are defined by geography, techniques, ingredients and local microorganisms. Lambic is spontaneously fermented beer from Brussels and the Pajottenland region (also Payottenland) / Senne Valley (also Zenne) of Belgium. Lambic is more of [...]

Beer Style Profile: Lambic and Spontaneously Fermented Ale2018-10-18T13:23:00-07:00

Wander Brewing’s Barrel Project expands with new foeder

Wander Brewing recently increased its Barrel Project capacity by 620 gallons, after it purchased and installed a brand-new, 20-barrel foeder. This new vessel adds to Wander’s growing arsenal of more than 80 barrels. A foeder (pronounced FOOD-er, and also spelled foedre or foudre) is a large oak vat that is often [...]

Wander Brewing’s Barrel Project expands with new foeder2018-10-18T13:23:04-07:00

Beer Style Profile: Saison

Saison, which means season in French, is among the most varied and wide-ranging styles of beer. Interpretations vary greatly from simple to complex, and from light (in color and strength) to dark and strong. Historically, saisons can be traced back to the nineteenth century, when they were made in small farmhouse breweries [...]

Beer Style Profile: Saison2018-10-18T13:23:11-07:00

Advances in beer yeast

The first home brew shop I walked into in the late ’90s only had two types of generic beer yeast for sale, lager yeast and ale yeast, and both came in the dried form. As if that weren’t bad enough, most packets were out of date (or had no date), so viability [...]

Advances in beer yeast2018-10-18T13:24:31-07:00

Beer Review #6 — Grand Teton Brewing: Sour Grand Saison

Up for review today, just in time to celebrate these warm temperatures, is a great farmhouse ale from Grand Teton Brewing. Synonymously called a Saison, these beers are hearty, often strong, bright and hazy ales. Classically these were brewed in the Winter months, and meant to condition in the Spring so that [...]

Beer Review #6 — Grand Teton Brewing: Sour Grand Saison2015-06-18T08:23:46-07:00

On Trappist beer … and the newest Trappist brewery

May 2015, the International Trappist Association (ITA) approved the eleventh Trappist monastery brewery, Tre Fontane in Rome, Italy. There are now six Trappist breweries in Belgium (Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Chimay, Orval, and Achel), two in the Netherlands, aka Holland (La Trappe/Koningshoeven and De Kievit/Maria Toevlucht of Zundert), one in Austria (Gregorius [...]

On Trappist beer … and the newest Trappist brewery2018-10-18T13:28:18-07:00
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