Beer Review #43 — Crux [BANISHED] Freakcake 2016

I put little superstition or thought into Friday the 13th, it is just another day. However this most recent one, donned "Freaky Friday" by our beer brothers at Crux Fermentation Project brought us the release of something quite special and unexpected. My ears, and taste-buds always perk up when I see or hear [...]


US Senate Recognizes American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week was May 11-17th and offered all of Craftbeerdom the auspicious occasion to celebrate...craft beer. The same thing we do every happy hour, weekend, BBQ and the occasional lunch. Hey, I'm not complaining it just seemed a little redundant to me. From our friends over at reported [...]


Fortune Magazine’s Top 5 Beers for Craft Beer Week

In case you didn't know, it's American Craft Beer Week! Everyone is getting in on the celebration...even Fortune Magazine. "Why?" you may ask. Because even the people at Fortune like craft beer and we should be thankful. If there is anything that says "Craft beer has made it!" it's being in [...]

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