Brewer for a Day: Brewing at Atwood Ales Farm Brewery

It’s 6:30 in the morning on a cold and dreary Wednesday in February. I pull up to the Atwood Ales Farm Brewery, which is a mere 2 miles south of the U.S.-Canada border, and I see owner/brewer Josh Smith quietly laboring away through the fogged-up windows of the old barn. After [...]

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Atwood Ales Farm Brewery harvests its own hops

It’s an exciting time of year in the Northwest. We’re now knee deep in hop harvest season, which typically runs from August through late September, depending on the hop variety and the local climate of the hop field. It’s also prime time for making “fresh” or “wet” hop beers, which are [...]

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Rural Meets Urban: Atwood Ales Farm Brewery collaborates with Urban Family Brewery

There are all sorts of brewer collaborations these days, but the best ones happen naturally. (Isaac, Josh, and Rowan) After enjoying some Atwood Ales beers, Rowan Chadwick and Isaac Koski, co-head brewers of Urban Family Brewing, contacted Atwood Ales owners Josh and Monica Smith about collaborating on a beer. [...]

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A visit to Atwood Ales’ farmhouse brewery in Blaine

I recently had the opportunity to visit Atwood Ales’ brewery in Blaine, WA, which sits on an idyllic, 5-acre farm that is less than 2 miles from the Canadian border – as the bald eagle flies. The brewery isn’t open to the public, but Atwood Ales owner/brewer Josh Smith and his wife [...]

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Blaine’s first brewery in planning

As much as some would like to believe, the Blaine Act (which initiated the repeal of the 18th Amendment and was later adopted as the 21st Amendment) wasn’t named after the thriving rum running and bootlegging scene around Blaine, Washington, during Prohibition. The Blaine Act was sponsored by Wisconsin Senator John [...]

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