On naming beers

With all the challenges of opening a brewery these days, coming up with names for beers is usually low on a brewer’s priority list. If anything, it may be viewed as one of the “fun” tasks. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s an important part of a brewery’s brand. [...]


‘Beer Hiking Pacific Northwest’ celebrates regional hikes and breweries

It’s hard to believe, but when Rachel Wood and Brandon Fralic came up with the idea to write a guidebook on hiking and beer just five years ago, Bellingham – as well as the entire state of Washington – only had half as many breweries as it does today. Incredulously, hiking [...]


Beer Review #69 — Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee IPA

  Oxymorons. What are some that you know well? Cruel kindness, disgustingly delicious,  busy doing nothing. There are a few out there, but how about this one, coffee IPA. Two seemingly contradictory terms colliding in one unassuming can. Hotbox Coffee IPA comes to us courtesy of Longmont, Colorado's Oskar Blues Brewery. [...]


Beer Review #37 — Toppling Goliath pseudoSue

Beer fans, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and adventurers, welcome back, and welcome to an extra special day of beer. That's right, this year has granted us an extra day, a day that only arrives once every four years. It brings us opportunity and the possibility to explore more of the outdoors, more of the [...]


Beer Review #35 — Reuben’s Hat Trick Triple IPA

Welcome back craft beer fans, hop heads, barley wine braggadocios, and lager lovers. We've got a new entry from our friends at Reuben's tonight. Recent winners of Washington's Best Places for Beer > Brewer's Tap Room according to RateBeer. I've long been a fan of their beers, Crikey is a solid NW IPA, their [...]


Founders Brewing Could Care Less They Are No Longer a Craft Brewery

How important is it to maintain a title? Does it matter that some organization removes your title if you're making good beer? The Brewers Association has stripped Founders Brewing of it's designation as a "craft brewery." The Brewers Association defines "craft" as follows: Small Annual production of 6 million barrels of [...]


Anheuser Busch Sends 50,000 Cans of Water to Firefighters

Anheuser-Busch is like the big brother (with poor taste) that you mock from time to time. He works out all the time, was home coming king, has perfect hair and teeth and owns roller-blades. You tolerate him, but can't stand him. What you often forget is that he can be loving - But [...]


27 Beer Myths

There are so many opinions about what makes craft beer good and why. Craft beer is hot and it creates some strong opinions (just take a look at the discussions on our new online forum!) There some facts and objectives truths and a bunch of subjective tastes. It's always important to anchor yourself in [...]


Beer Review #7 — Lagunitas CitruSinensis

Greetings beer nuts, aficionados, prospectors, advocates, and purveyors. Summer is in full swing and it's somehow nearly July in the Pacific Northwest! This weeks offering comes from an often maligned and certainly polarizing brewery — Lagunitas. Some will be die-hard Lagunitas fans for life, while others will scoff at each new release, [...]


Beer Review #6 — Grand Teton Brewing: Sour Grand Saison

Up for review today, just in time to celebrate these warm temperatures, is a great farmhouse ale from Grand Teton Brewing. Synonymously called a Saison, these beers are hearty, often strong, bright and hazy ales. Classically these were brewed in the Winter months, and meant to condition in the Spring so that [...]


Budweiser Stops Canning Beer to Can Water For Texas Flood Victims

Budweiser gets a lot of crap from the craft beer world. Some of that criticism they brought on themselves by handing out their own mocking of craft beer. Their watered down rice and corn based brew is scoffed at, made fun of and mocked across the board for being Big Beer [...]


Craft Beer’s Silent Crisis – Who Controls What you Drink?

Craft beer diversity exists because of the symbiotic work of three major players: Brewers, distributors and tap houses. All three provide the variety that has given rise to our current craft beer renaissance. It is also a system highly susceptible to abuse. There are signs of wear in craft beer's lustrous and shiny coat [...]


SABMiller to Buy London Based MeanTime Craft Brewery

Big Beer continues to make purchases and they don't stop in the US. Anheuser/InBev has made some notable purchases in the US recently, but, as we've stated many times before, the craft beer craze is international, making craft breweries everywhere of higher interest to larger breweries. According to Meantime Brewing's owner [...]


Gadget Claims to Make Fizzy Yellow Beer Taste Like Draft Beer

So your buddy mistakenly buys Busch Light and brings it over to your house. She shows up, you frown at her, but then you remember. You have Fizzics! This gadget will give that light yellow beer a proper craft beer foamy head. Will that foamy head play a part in making your [...]


Fortune Magazine’s Top 5 Beers for Craft Beer Week

In case you didn't know, it's American Craft Beer Week! Everyone is getting in on the celebration...even Fortune Magazine. "Why?" you may ask. Because even the people at Fortune like craft beer and we should be thankful. If there is anything that says "Craft beer has made it!" it's being in [...]

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