Beer Review #9 — Ecliptic Brewing Ultra Violet Blackberry Sour

Hello again craft beer fanatics! Summer is in full swing here in Bellingham and we've been in the midst of a bit of a heat wave. As such, we're always looking for ways to quench our thirst for craft beer. Whether it be an old standby or a new release, such as [...]


Brewers Association Releases 2015 Style Guidelines

Every year Brewers Association releases amendments and changes to their ever evolving Style Guidelines. Some styles are altered, some are added and some are removed altogether. These guidelines help BJCP judges and experts discern and categorize styles. This year there were 600 changes made. The most notable changes were: Category Additions: Added [...]


Non-Beer Snob’s Guide to Ordering Craft Beer

Budweiser basically said beer snobs suck with their Super Bowl commercial. Are you someone looking to better understand craft beer? How to order one and how to taste it? I think that accounts for about 90% of beer drinkers. We're all trying to better understand beer. CityLab put together a great guide [...]

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