Weekly Trivia

Hosted by Steven, Amber, Steph, and other members of the Garden Path team.  Free to participate, with prizes for the top two teams and a bonus prize if you beat the house!

Weekly Trivia2024-01-19T17:53:38-08:00

Sunday School

A weekly guided tasting of wine, beer, cider, or whatever strikes our fancy.  Buy tickets on-site in advance or just show up!

Sunday School2024-01-19T17:49:08-08:00

The Business of Making the World’s Best Beer

Everyone knows the Trappist monks make awesome beer. In the mid 2000s a little monastery, called Saint Sixtus of Westvleteren, rose to fame when it's quadruple style 12 was ranked as the best beer in the world by Ratebeer.com. The fame has never left, as they are again on RateBeer's best of [...]

The Business of Making the World’s Best Beer2018-10-18T13:30:23-07:00
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