Chuckanut’s Doppelbock is fantastic

  Want the TL;DR version?  It’s fantastic.  Get yourself to Chuckanut and drink a glass while you can. Doppelbock Lager is a typically higher alcohol and dark gold to black colored version of traditional German Bock.  Though doppel means "double" in German, Bock ABV usually ranges in the 6-7% range while Doppelbock [...]

Chuckanut’s Doppelbock is fantastic2018-10-18T13:21:44-07:00

Wander Brewing Doubles Capacity, Adds Barrel Aging Facility

Just received this press release from Colleen at Wander Brewing. Great things are afoot at Wander Brewing. Head on down there and take a peek at what's happening! --------------------------- BELLINGHAM, WA. (March 12, 2015) Wander Brewing is excited to announce our recent installation of additional cellaring tanks to expand our beer [...]

Wander Brewing Doubles Capacity, Adds Barrel Aging Facility2018-10-18T13:31:04-07:00
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