Budweiser Disputes Beer Company’s “Queen of Beers” Slogan

The Budweiser brand of AB is fledgling. The number of people drinking their beer is dropping faster than the temperature of a glycol wrapped batch of lager. Sales have dropped by nearly $1 billion and their market share is being eaten up by craft beer. Don't get me wrong, Bud does good [...]


Bud Light and Budweiser Sales Fall Nearly $1 Billion

The Brewers Association announced very strong sales for the first half of 2015. Craft beer continues to grow. The undisputed King of Beers, Budweiser and it's little cousin Bud Light,  have shown waning sales these past years, but this recent report is one of their biggest to date. Wall Street Journal reports [...]


Budweiser Stops Canning Beer to Can Water For Texas Flood Victims

Budweiser gets a lot of crap from the craft beer world. Some of that criticism they brought on themselves by handing out their own mocking of craft beer. Their watered down rice and corn based brew is scoffed at, made fun of and mocked across the board for being Big Beer [...]


Elysian Co-Founder Not Happy With InBev and Budweiser

As you know by now Budweiser took a pretty hefty jab at craft brewing with it's Super Bowl ad. The irony, as many have pointed out, is that InBev has acquired some pretty prominent craft beer companies in the last 6 months, including Elysian Brewing out of Seattle. The Chicago Tribune [...]


Has Beer “Made It?”

Current Cover of the New Yorker The cover story reports that a Brooklyn restaurant became the first "beer focused" eatery to receive a Michelin Star. Yes, if you've watched Top Chef you'll be aware the Michelin Star is the preeminent label of excellence in the restaurant world. The question is, "Has [...]

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