Holiday gift guide for the beer lover on your list

Christmas is rapidly approaching, but there’s still time to get that perfect gift for the beer lover on your list. Check out these ideas: DRINKING JACKET Hoodies are huge in the Pacific Northwest, but none of them are as functional as TV host Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Jacket (2.0), which is custom designed [...]


Brewing with spices

Some “beer purists” might eschew the use of spices in beer brewing, but spices have been used much longer than hops. By many accounts, beer was first made more than 9,000 years ago, but using hops in beer has only been traced back about 1,000 years. Before hopped beer, gruit beer (also grut [...]


Winter warmers and holiday beers of Bellingham and beyond

Last weekend, after recovering from my Thanksgiving Day food coma and then my Black Beer Friday beer session, I woke up to my neighbor hanging Christmas lights. It’s official, I thought, ’tis the season for winter warmers and holiday beers. As the pumpkin beers, fresh hop beers and other seasonal offerings [...]

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