Craft Beer’s Silent Crisis – Who Controls What you Drink?

Craft beer diversity exists because of the symbiotic work of three major players: Brewers, distributors and tap houses. All three provide the variety that has given rise to our current craft beer renaissance. It is also a system highly susceptible to abuse. There are signs of wear in craft beer's lustrous and shiny coat [...]


Japanese Craft Brewers Are Changing Tastes

Let's not get too caught up in our Tap Trail bubble! While it seems brewery, after brewery, after brewery...after brewery are being announced in Bellingham, craft beer is exploding in countries across the globe as well. Australia, for example, has, by some measurements, a stronger craft beer scene the US - Craft beer in [...]


Interview with New Belgium’s Co-Founder Kim Jordan

Is it a bubble or is this just expansion? Either way, whatever craft beer is doing, it's doing it right. 3,500 breweries with 2,000 more planned to be built. At this rate, the US will sky rocket well past it's heyday of the 1880's. Some breweries are worried it's a bubble, but most are [...]


Craft Beer Might Look Like Anheuser Busch in 5 Years

The Brewers Association announced that in the next 5 years they expect to see their current 11% market share in the $100 billion US beer market jump to 20%. But what will craft beer look like if that were to happen? Currently, The Brewers Assocation defines craft brewers like this Small [...]

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