Oskar Blues Buys Cigar City, Continuing “Craft Collectives” Trend

  A few weeks ago we reported on a bit of a Twitter feud between The Full Pint and the rest of the craft beer media world. TFP had reported that, according to credible sources, that Cigar City was going to be bought by AB InBev. Turns out they were right, [...]


Greg Koch Gives Moving Interview As to Why Stone Brewing Won’t Sell Out

  Greg Koch, Stone Brewing's Executive Chairman, recently stepped down from his position as the CEO of Stone Brewing. He said it was time and that his leaving was not a sign the brewery would sell to the largest bidder, Stone Brewing will never sell out. Stone Brewing is sacrosanct. We’re not [...]


MillerCoors Sued for Not Producing Coors Light in the Rockies

  MillerCoors has been sued for not producing Coors Light in the Rockies. This sounds familiar. Remember when Blue Moon was sued for not being craft beer? Big Beer is starting to hear it from consumers. Whether you want to call these consumers clueless, or not is up to you, but [...]


Southern Tier Brewery Merging with Victory Brewing

  There's buyouts, sellouts, equity positions, but everyone forgets about those sneaky mergers! It was just announced that Southern Tier and Victory are merging breweries under the title Artisanal Brewing Ventures (ABV.) According to the Unionville Times, the new partnership provides "provides capital, security and vision for the future." Under the umbrella [...]


Firm Counseling New Belgium on Sale is Also ABInBev Consultant

It was announced in December that New Belgium (NB) was exploring the possibility of selling. "Selling" isn't as simple as it sounds. A sale could mean a minority equity stake (see Dogfish Head) or selling the whole thing (see Elysian Brewing.) The interesting thing is, NB has invested millions in becoming [...]

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