Deschutes Unveils New Packaging and Expands Territory

Research shows that labels matter! Deschutes has been really spreading it's wings by doing things like building a 400ft portable bar and taking it on an 8 city tour to spread the word of Deschutes Brewing. So, why the change? Jeff Billingsley of Deschutes Brewing says, "As the craft beer segment continues [...]

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Deschutes Brewery Builds 400ft Mobile Bar & Will Donate All Profits to Charity

West coast breweries are stretching their wings and taking their wares to other parts of the US. Breweries like Stone, Green Flash and Sierra Nevada are opening up massive breweries in Virginia and North Carolina, due to the awesome tax breaks and opportunities to reach a new market. Then there are [...]

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Why are West Coast Breweries Opening on the East Coast?

When I visited North Carolina a few years ago I was informed by my good buddy that NC was becoming a hotbed for craft beer. The area is great for raising hops the local municipalities were very business friendly. I had no idea to what extent though. Over the past few [...]

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