Beer Review #45 — Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2016

Welcome back again beer lovers, sippers, fanatics, dabblers, and dynamos. This past weekend saw one of six Beer Camp festivals come to Seattle. Complete with 100+ breweries from across the country, hundreds of beers. Good times were had. The culmination of this has been made available to nearly everyone through the [...]

Beer Review #45 — Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 20162018-10-18T13:22:33-07:00

The grossest ingredients in beer

Beyond the four main ingredients in beer (malted barley, hops, water and yeast), many brewers also use a variety of other ingredients, including spices, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, sugars, roots, you name it. But some brewers take things a bit further by adding extremely uncommon or shocking ingredients. Sometimes they do this as gimmicky marketing [...]

The grossest ingredients in beer2018-10-18T13:22:43-07:00

Pumpkin Beers, Already? A Few Early Recommendations

Pumpkin beers, in July? Yes, some have been released already, and many more are sure to come, and no, right now pumpkins are not even in season. Somehow, that doesn't stop Elysian (and others), from releasing pumpkin beers in July and August. I, like many others will happily celebrate the arrival [...]

Pumpkin Beers, Already? A Few Early Recommendations2018-10-18T13:27:39-07:00

Why are West Coast Breweries Opening on the East Coast?

When I visited North Carolina a few years ago I was informed by my good buddy that NC was becoming a hotbed for craft beer. The area is great for raising hops the local municipalities were very business friendly. I had no idea to what extent though. Over the past few [...]

Why are West Coast Breweries Opening on the East Coast?2018-10-18T13:31:03-07:00
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