Instant Beer Brewing Machine a Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

  Like the Keurig before it, this new beer gadget hopes to snuff out any hope of "craft" beer. Just add water and whammo, there you have it, beer. Beer gadgetry has done it's best to bring craft beer to the masses and the Beer Bar from Soda Stream makes getting [...]


Craft Brewery Invents First Biodegradable & Fish Friendly Six-Pack Ring

  Some gadgets are greater than other gadgets. This is one of those cases. Six-pack rings have been the poster child for humanity's consumerism and waste. Saltwater Brewery out of Florida wanted to change that, so they developed a biodegradable and fish friendly six pack ring. The R&D required them to [...]


Slovenian Town Plans to Build Public Beer Fountain

  File this under "Dreams Come True." The small town of Zalec, Slovenia has decided to build a public fountain. Sounds pretty mundane, right? Not when you consider that beer will be flowing from it instead of water! Instead of the fountain spraying beer into a bowl, like you're thinking about in your head, [...]

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