Homebrew Diaries: Making a kettle-soured beer

Sour ales, or beers that feature acidic and tart qualities derived from one or more strains of lactic acid bacteria, can be made in many different ways. Generally speaking, there are traditional, long-aged sour ales and there are quick/wort-soured sour ales. Most of the commercial sour ales on the market are [...]

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Cholaca, world’s first and only liquid cacao, is a game changer for beer, coffee, cocktails

I love chocolate porters, stouts, and brown ales, but most of the commercial examples I have had lack the chocolate depth I desire, and many seem to get their chocolaty flavor more from dark malts than actual chocolate additions. I get it, though. As a homebrewer, I understand how challenging it [...]

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Pico introduces less expensive Pico C brewing appliance

Pico has recently introduced its new Model C brewing appliance, which builds on the technology created for its big brother, the Pico Model S (and its even bigger brother, the Zymatic). The company says this new machine is easier to use and more affordable. As of today (5/9/17), nearly $1.7 million [...]

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Homebrewer Crafts Bellingham’s First Pro-Am Beer

UPDATE: Jenn Tadder is the canning lead at Kulshan Brewing as of March, 2016.   When Jenn Tadder started homebrewing, she never imagined it could be anything more than a hobby. A year and half later, Jenn is now a medaled homebrewer, collaborating with owner and head brewer of Aslan Brewing [...]

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What is the definition of a homebrewer?

While researching PicoBrew’s Pico homebrewing appliance, I read through many online forums to get a feel for what others thought of it. Some of the threads turned into philosophical discussions on what it means to be a homebrewer and, more specifically, what is the definition of a homebrewer. Of course, the [...]

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Thoughts on PicoBrew’s Pico beer brewing appliance

After reading Ariana’s post about the PicoBrew Pico homebrew system, I became intrigued by the machine, and I even considered purchasing one. When PicoBrew released the Zymatic in 2013, I found it interesting, but I didn’t even consider buying one because it was too expensive (roughly $2,000). PicoBrew’s recently released Pico, [...]

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Smaller is Better: The benefits of small-batch homebrewing

The most common homebrew batch size is 5 gallons, which results in about two cases of beer. 5 gallons became the standard for a variety of reasons. Supposedly, glass carboys of this size were readily available when homebrewing took off decades ago. Nowadays, 5-gallon glass and plastic carboys and food-grade buckets [...]

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PicoBrew Allows Anyone to Become a Homebrewer

"What if you could explore fresh craft beer from breweries around the world, and what if you could brew it yourself customized to your own taste in your own home?" Ladies and gentlemen, put away your kettles and carboys because homebrewing just got a whole lot easier. A new device based out [...]

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