The ever-evolving IPA and its many variants

By far, the India Pale Ale is the most popular style of craft beer, and I don’t see its status changing anytime soon. Every so often, another critic claims this hop-craze “trend” will fade, and that it will be replaced by the rising popularity of light lagers or the surge of saisons, [...]

The ever-evolving IPA and its many variants2018-10-18T13:21:35-07:00

Tropical IPAs are hot

With this last round of snowstorms behind us, I think we could all use a tropical escape. But if that’s not possible, the next best thing just might be some tropical drinks, and I’m not talking sugary cocktails with tiny umbrellas. In recent times, I’ve noticed a surge of “tropical IPAs” [...]

Tropical IPAs are hot2018-10-18T13:21:41-07:00

The venerable IPA

Yesterday was “IPA Day,” a special day that was created in 2011 to celebrate the India pale ale through social media (#IPAday) and various events. With the popularity of IPA these days, some joke that every day is IPA Day. "Session" IPAs Even though I appreciate and enjoy drinking [...]

The venerable IPA2018-10-18T13:22:13-07:00
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