The resurgence of light lagers

Decades ago, beer lovers began gravitating toward full-flavored craft beers (“micro” beers back then) while abandoning the likes of Miller, Coors, and Budweiser. The vapid light lagers that dominated the market at the time were essentially industrial products made with adjuncts (see the definitions at the end of this article) with [...]

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Chuckanut’s Doppelbock is fantastic

  Want the TL;DR version?  It’s fantastic.  Get yourself to Chuckanut and drink a glass while you can. Doppelbock Lager is a typically higher alcohol and dark gold to black colored version of traditional German Bock.  Though doppel means "double" in German, Bock ABV usually ranges in the 6-7% range while Doppelbock [...]

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Beer Review #56 — Against the Grain & Hoof Hearted — Clearly Everybody Wants Some

Welcome back for another installment of Tap Trail reviews. We've got an interesting collaboration beer here today. Collaborations are always a nice idea, especially if it affords you the opportunity to try a beer from a brewery you wouldn't normally be able to. There have been quite a few local breweries [...]

Beer Review #56 — Against the Grain & Hoof Hearted — Clearly Everybody Wants Some2018-10-18T13:21:47-07:00

Chuckanut Brewery expanding tap selection

I recently wrote about how there seems to be a lack of love for lagers in the craft beer segment, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to Chuckanut Brewery, which produces a slew of excellent lagers. Due to growing demand for its European-style ales and lagers, Chuckanut [...]

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Why there’s a lack of love for (craft) lagers

Lagers dominate the beer market in the United States. By volume, they make up more than three-fourths of the market, and the top 20 best-selling beers in America are all lagers. But in the craft beer segment, lagers make up the minority. Craft breweries mostly produce ales, and ales are overwhelmingly [...]

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Landbier now on tap at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen

Former Chuckanut brewer Kevin Davey (who is now getting ready to open Wayfinder Beer in Portland) recently collaborated with the Chuckanut brewers to make a Landbier, and it’s now on tap at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen. When Wayfinder Beer opens this spring, it will also have Chuckanut Landbier on tap, and it will [...]

Landbier now on tap at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen2018-10-18T13:23:02-07:00

Chuckanut’s Holiday Bock to be tapped soon

To celebrate the holidays and brighten up these dark days, the brewers at Chuckanut Brewery will be tapping a Holiday Bock this Friday, Dec. 18, at 5 p.m. Chuckanut’s Bock beer is a traditional lager that has been aged more than a month before being kegged. The long and cold aging [...]

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Advances in beer yeast

The first home brew shop I walked into in the late ’90s only had two types of generic beer yeast for sale, lager yeast and ale yeast, and both came in the dried form. As if that weren’t bad enough, most packets were out of date (or had no date), so viability [...]

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