On naming beers

With all the challenges of opening a brewery these days, coming up with names for beers is usually low on a brewer’s priority list. If anything, it may be viewed as one of the “fun” tasks. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it’s an important part of a brewery’s brand. [...]

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The meanings behind Bellingham-area brewery names

Since the late 1800s, many breweries have come and gone in the Bellingham area, including Happy Valley Brewery, Whatcom Brewing & Malting Co., Bellingham Bay Brewery, North Cascades Brewing Co., Whatcom Brewing (Frank-n-Stein Pub), Orchard Street Brewery and Mount Baker Brewery. Bellingham Bay Brewery, maker of 3-B beer: Fortunately, we have [...]

The meanings behind Bellingham-area brewery names2018-10-18T13:31:26-07:00
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