New Belgium Celebrating 25 Years with Fat Tire Collaboration Pack

  I remember drinking my first Fat Tire. It was some time in the late 90s, before I was 21. I was pretty proud of drinking something that was unique "crafty" and, frankly, had a bike on it (I like bikes.) I dug the bottle because it was different than the [...]


Firm Counseling New Belgium on Sale is Also ABInBev Consultant

It was announced in December that New Belgium (NB) was exploring the possibility of selling. "Selling" isn't as simple as it sounds. A sale could mean a minority equity stake (see Dogfish Head) or selling the whole thing (see Elysian Brewing.) The interesting thing is, NB has invested millions in becoming [...]


Interview with New Belgium’s Co-Founder Kim Jordan

Is it a bubble or is this just expansion? Either way, whatever craft beer is doing, it's doing it right. 3,500 breweries with 2,000 more planned to be built. At this rate, the US will sky rocket well past it's heyday of the 1880's. Some breweries are worried it's a bubble, but most are [...]


7 of the Most Sustainable Breweries in America

These breweries brew awesome beer, but do it very sustainably. I'll get to the list, but I find it interesting that Fremont Brewing was not included. Don't get me wrong this list is great, but Fremont is REALLY sustainable. Learn more about them by reading our interview with the owner of Fremont Brewing! [...]

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