Beer Review #66 — Hopworks Ferocious Citrus IPA

  Happy Spring folks! We're officially out of Winter, at least as far as the calendar is concerned. The rain and cold may continue, but I wanted to reach for something bright and vibrant in hops of encouraging the weather to do the same. Hopworks in Portland is going through a [...]

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The grossest ingredients in beer

Beyond the four main ingredients in beer (malted barley, hops, water and yeast), many brewers also use a variety of other ingredients, including spices, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, sugars, roots, you name it. But some brewers take things a bit further by adding extremely uncommon or shocking ingredients. Sometimes they do this as gimmicky marketing [...]

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The Portland Dilemma: Why an Excess in Breweries Does Not Equal a Craft Beer Community

The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect that of Tap Trail. In the world of craft beer, a question that always seems to pop up is, “How big is too big?” Whether we’re talking about a brewery’s production level or the number of breweries per city, there seems to be an [...]

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Beer Review #18 — Cascade Brewing: Blackcap Raspberry (2015)

Welcome back fellow beer lovers! Firstly, I wanted to have this up earlier in the week, as it was fresh in my mind, but I came down with a bit of a head cold, which may or may not have been directly attributed to numerous beer week shenanigans...the verdict is still out [...]

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Elizabeth Station SourFest Preview!

Bellingham Beer Week is fast approaching, celebrated here from September 11th through the 20th, it is chock full of fantastic events (we'll highlight some of these in the upcoming days), but the main attraction, the culminating event, the capstone course, is Elizabeth Station's SourFest. It will cap off beer week, hosted [...]

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Public Wake for Fred Eckhardt this Sunday

On August 10 we lost Fred Eckhardt (1926-2015), one of the most influential beer personalities the world has ever known. Called the Dean of American Beer Writers and Craft Beer’s Muse, among many other titles, Fred was one of the first homebrew advocates, he was a leading beer writer (with regular columns in [...]

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Portland man visits 77 breweries in one day

On Saturday, Aug. 15 (2015), John Lovegrove of Portland, Oregon, along with beer writer Brian Yaeger and a film crew, completed the “Spirit of 77 Breweries Challenge” by visiting 77 Portland-area breweries within a 24-hour period. This broke Lovegrove’s 2012 record of visiting 50 breweries in one day, and it more [...]

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