Atwood Ales x Gruff Brewing Beet Beer Release &The Office Trivia

Join us at Gruff Brewing with Atwood Ales for a special beer & bottle release! Featuring a Saison-style Beet Beer, "Assistant to the Regional Manager," made with estate-grown golden beets. 6pm: Beer Release 7pm: The Office Trivia $1/person, up to 6/team Best Costume Prize—we can't all be Schrutes but we sure [...]

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Brewer for a Day: Brewing at Atwood Ales Farm Brewery

It’s 6:30 in the morning on a cold and dreary Wednesday in February. I pull up to the Atwood Ales Farm Brewery, which is a mere 2 miles south of the U.S.-Canada border, and I see owner/brewer Josh Smith quietly laboring away through the fogged-up windows of the old barn. After [...]

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Rural Meets Urban: Atwood Ales Farm Brewery collaborates with Urban Family Brewery

There are all sorts of brewer collaborations these days, but the best ones happen naturally. (Isaac, Josh, and Rowan) After enjoying some Atwood Ales beers, Rowan Chadwick and Isaac Koski, co-head brewers of Urban Family Brewing, contacted Atwood Ales owners Josh and Monica Smith about collaborating on a beer. [...]

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A visit to Atwood Ales’ farmhouse brewery in Blaine

I recently had the opportunity to visit Atwood Ales’ brewery in Blaine, WA, which sits on an idyllic, 5-acre farm that is less than 2 miles from the Canadian border – as the bald eagle flies. The brewery isn’t open to the public, but Atwood Ales owner/brewer Josh Smith and his wife [...]

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Beer Review #42 — Structures I See You Saison

Welcome back all you Tap Trail trekkers, ale admirers, IPA initiates, and Saison scourers. We've got a fun one for you today from the new guys on the block, State Street, that is. Structures has consistently released a nice array of beers since their inception late last year. They have enjoyed [...]

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Beer Review #6 — Grand Teton Brewing: Sour Grand Saison

Up for review today, just in time to celebrate these warm temperatures, is a great farmhouse ale from Grand Teton Brewing. Synonymously called a Saison, these beers are hearty, often strong, bright and hazy ales. Classically these were brewed in the Winter months, and meant to condition in the Spring so that [...]

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