Beer Review #57 — Founders Breakfast Stout

  It's here, Founders Brewing has officially launched in Washington state! The core beers have been out for about two weeks now, and the specialty beers are just now starting to reach the market, move quickly because they likely won't last too long. Perhaps the most famed Founders beer is what we've [...]

Beer Review #57 — Founders Breakfast Stout2017-01-17T09:39:20-08:00

Chuckanut Brewery expanding tap selection

I recently wrote about how there seems to be a lack of love for lagers in the craft beer segment, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to Chuckanut Brewery, which produces a slew of excellent lagers. Due to growing demand for its European-style ales and lagers, Chuckanut [...]

Chuckanut Brewery expanding tap selection2018-10-18T13:22:50-07:00

Black [Beer] Friday

Forget all the traffic, stress and madness this Black Friday. Instead, I propose we spend the day celebrating inky-black beers, including porters, stouts, imperial stouts, Belgian-style quads, black IPAs, etc. Regardless of how Black Friday originally came to be, let’s stay home, whip up some holiday recipes, and drink in the Dark [...]

Black [Beer] Friday2018-10-18T13:24:00-07:00

Beer Style Profile: Imperial Stout

The imperial stout, also known as Russian imperial stout, is the granddaddy of stouts. Typically, these intensely flavored beers are mahogany-brown to inky black (SRM 35+), very strong (7-12+% ABV), heavily hopped (50-100 IBUs), full bodied, and very complex. Common flavors and aromas include dark chocolate/cocoa, caramel/toffee, coffee/espresso, and dark fruits [...]

Beer Style Profile: Imperial Stout2018-10-18T13:24:44-07:00

Beer Review #20 — Paradox Beer Co. – In The Spirit Of Skully Barrel No. 3 Dark Sour

par·a·dox / ˈperəˌdäks / noun / A statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory. Paradox is quite an interesting name to choose for a brewery, but this little known brewery from Divide, CO, nestled off Highway 24 [...]

Beer Review #20 — Paradox Beer Co. – In The Spirit Of Skully Barrel No. 3 Dark Sour2018-10-18T13:24:46-07:00
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