Bellingham Breweries Tell Us What’s in their Dream 6 Pack

  Beer says a lot about a person. Or so we'd like to think. Maybe beer is kind of like Bellingham's own astrological sign. "Oh, she's a stout person, uh?" "Your favorite beer is a Belgian wheat?!...hmmm..." Favorite beers represent not just one's palate, but their experiences and personality. Beers remind [...]


Stones Throw and Structures Brewing Still Moving Towards Opening

It seems Stones Throw Brewing and Structures Brewing are running neck and neck for who will be Bellingham's next brewery. They'll both be adding some incredible brewing and aesthetic diversity to the Tap Trail. Stones Throw will also be adding Fairhaven's first brewery, just blocks away from Archer Ale House. Jack and [...]


What Proposed Bellingham Brewery Are you Most Excited For?

Gruff, Stones Throw Brewing, Subdued Brewing, Structures Brewing and Bellingham Beer Lab are all names we'll start to hear more about in the coming months. They'll be apart of the Tap Trail and add to the growing craft beer force of this town. We'll have more breweries per capita than Seattle by [...]

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