Tap Roundup – 7/8

Pint Points Aslan and Bellingham Beer Lab Collaboration Ron Extract, formerly of Jester King Brewery, visited our fair city last week. We were supposed to meet up with him, but our paths didn't cross. He did stop by a handful of breweries though. Regardless, we're excited for whatever direction they [...]

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Beer Review #42 — Structures I See You Saison

Welcome back all you Tap Trail trekkers, ale admirers, IPA initiates, and Saison scourers. We've got a fun one for you today from the new guys on the block, State Street, that is. Structures has consistently released a nice array of beers since their inception late last year. They have enjoyed [...]

Beer Review #42 — Structures I See You Saison2018-10-18T13:22:41-07:00

The Bellingham Craft Beer Guide to Girl Scout Cookies

It's Girl Scout cookie season, y'all. That wonderful time of the year where we silently (or not so silently) gawk at the incredibly rising price per box, give some adorable little scout all our money, and inhale a sleeve of cookies per night, completely ignoring that joke of a "two cookies [...]

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Beer Style Profile: Saison

Saison, which means season in French, is among the most varied and wide-ranging styles of beer. Interpretations vary greatly from simple to complex, and from light (in color and strength) to dark and strong. Historically, saisons can be traced back to the nineteenth century, when they were made in small farmhouse breweries [...]

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