Tap Roundup – 7/8

Pint Points Aslan and Bellingham Beer Lab Collaboration Ron Extract, formerly of Jester King Brewery, visited our fair city last week. We were supposed to meet up with him, but our paths didn't cross. He did stop by a handful of breweries though. Regardless, we're excited for whatever direction they [...]

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Tap Roundup – 7/1

Pint Points Structures Brewing is hiring tap room help. Email your resume to jobs.structuresbrewing@gmail.com Copper Hog has put on a drastically new, high end tap list. According to owner Aaron Matson, this type of tap list will be sticking around. They also have a brand new menu. Tap Trail launched Brewers Corner, [...]

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Tap Roundup – 6/24

  If you want to stay up to date on all things Bellingham beer join our email list. Our email list get exclusive discounts on our t-shirts, sweatshirts, gear and are the first to know about all breaking news. Pint Points At the Washington Beer Awards, Bellingham breweries took in a record [...]

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Tap Roundup – 6/17

  It's looking like a fine weekend to grab your Tap Trail Passport and hit the Trail with some friends. We want you to be ready for what to expect out there because it's wild wild beer scene these days. Pint Points Structures Brewing has announced they will start canning sometime in [...]

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Tap Roundup – 6/10

  It's Friday and we've got another edition of Tap Roundup to give you all the going-ons and new beers on the Tap Trail. It's been a big week in Bellingham Beer news! If you want to get deals on gear, Breaking Beer News, new brewery announcements than signup for our [...]

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Tap Roundup – 6/3

  It's been a heck of a week in Bellingham beer. New beers and brew news! As we hurtle towards an amazing weekend of sun don't forget to grab your Tap Trail map, and get your stamps. We've been getting social media messages from folks all around the region loving their passports. [...]

Tap Roundup – 6/32018-10-18T13:22:34-07:00

Tap Roundup

New beers and news from around the Tap Trail this past week or so. We're heading into another Ski to Sea weekend in Bellingham and it proves to be another weekend of activities for locals and tourists alike. Don't forget your Tap Trail Passport before you head out! Pint Points Structures Brewing [...]

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Tap Roundup – 5/16

  Another week in Bellingham and more beers and more breweries have hit the scene. It would be exhausting if it were exercise, but it's not...it's beer, so it's fun! Pint Points There seems to be further confirmation that Melvin Brewery is moving to town. "Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine" covered [...]

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Tap Roundup – 5/9

  Correction on 5/11 10:15am: Article corrected to reflect Boundary adding "strawberries" to their Oktoberfest Lager. Originally, the article stated it was "raspberries." Strawberries being added to Boundary's Oktoberfest Lager We would like to note that there has been no response by Melvin Brewing about our article regarding speculation they [...]

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Tap Roundup – 5/3

  Not too many beers over the past week or so, but some exciting tidbits to announce! A New Brewery? We've been told by multiple reliable sources that Melvin Brewing is moving to Bellingham. It will either be a brewery, or a just a taproom and it's uncertain if it's the brewery itself OR [...]

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Tap Roundup – 4/26

  Chuckanut Brewery's second location in Skagit Valley Changes on the Tap Trail. Structures Brewing announced plans to start allowing plastic by May 1st and they're down to their last bottles of State Street Saison. Make sure you get your hands on this one! Chuckanut Brewery is well underway [...]

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Tap Roundup – 4/15

  Chad with Wander's new bottling line. It's been another week of craft beer greatness on the Tap Trail. A new brewery opened and more beers hit our taps. With all this new beer our breweries are in need of more help. And we're not talking just help drinking it. [...]

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Tap Roundup – 4/8

  Structures Brewing taproom It's another addition of Tap Roundup. Bellingham's taps have increased. Does that increase our happiness? We think so! Remember to checkout Bellingam's newest brewery! Stones Throw is not officially open until April 13th, BUT they MIGHT be open today through Sunday. I don't really know, honestly. They're [...]

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Tap Roundup – 3/25

  It's another Friday and it's looking like a beauty. My weather app says it's supposed to clear up right aroooound....happy hour!! Perfect time to get out and check these out. After work is also acceptable. We suggest grabbing that Tap Trail Passport and getting to work on stamping today! Alright, there's [...]

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Tap Roundup – March 18th

Wander Brewing Cranberry Fruit Puncheon Cranberry Fruit Puncheon on tap today! Our puncheons were filled three months ago during the harvest with organic Washington cranberries fromStarvation Alley Farms and our rustic ale. Blood orange, black currant, berry jam, and subtle tanic notes! Read more about Wander Brewing.      North Fork [...]

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