Wander Brewing Releasing Sauraha Sour Blond on Thursday

  Photo by Damian Vines Photography Wander Brewing has released awesome bottle after awesome bottle. This is backed up by their recent Gold at the GABF for their Wild Warehouse Belgian. Thursday (tomorrow!) they will release their next bottle, Sauraha Sour Blond. They sent us a press release with all [...]


Bellingham Breweries Tell Us What’s in their Dream 6 Pack

  Beer says a lot about a person. Or so we'd like to think. Maybe beer is kind of like Bellingham's own astrological sign. "Oh, she's a stout person, uh?" "Your favorite beer is a Belgian wheat?!...hmmm..." Favorite beers represent not just one's palate, but their experiences and personality. Beers remind [...]


The Finalists of Bellingham’s Best Beer of 2015

  Bellingham has exercised it's constitutional right and voted! Our exit pollsters were working overtime and the feedback was, "Bellingham's love of Tap Trail beers runs DEEP!" The competition was so high that we had to expand the finals to the Top 3 Beers. There was a back and forth that would make [...]


Kulshan and Wander Brewing Take Home Awards at Brussels Beer Challenge

    Transporter The Tap Trail has gone international! Kulshan and Wander Brewing submitted beers to the Brussels Beer Challenge in Antwerp, Belgium. They flew their beer to Antwerp through the Brewers Association to be tasted. Fresh off their Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, Wander Brewing decided [...]


Wander Wins Top Honors for their Sour Beer

Bellingham Breweries keep #winning. Fresh off their Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, Wander Brewing's Raspberry Millie was named the top sour beer in Sip Northwest Magazine's "Best of the Northwest" edition. I was talking to Colleen from Wander last night while sipping their new fresh hop and she told me [...]


Wander Brewing’s Barrel Project Ready to Impress Again

The award winning Wander Brewing has been digging deep into the creative potential of its brewers and it's Barrel Project. Since they announced the Barrel Project almost exactly a year ago, they've been crafting and churning out a number of fine offerings. Wander developed the Barrel Project, which comprises 2,000sqft and includes barrels [...]


Bellingham Breweries Win Big at North American Beer Awards

Bellingham breweries continue to delight the palates of everyone, from the casual drinker to the experts. Aslan Brewing Company, Boundary Bay Brewing, Chuckanut Brewery and Wander Brewing all won awards at the 2015 North American Beer Awards! Looks like Bellingham is the place to be for Dubbels. Boundary Bay took 1st in the category [...]


Boundary Bay Brewery and Wander Brewing Raise Money for Nepal

UPDATE: Foundation Restoration, who provides many of the anti-microbial, anti slip and high performance coating floors to Bellingham breweries, has agreed to donate $1.00 for ever beer sold today at Wander Brewing. From the owner Matt Shaver It has always been a desire as a company to give when we can. [...]


Wander Brewing Releases Barrel-Aged Imperial Global Mutt Baltic Porter Today

Chad over at Wander is keeping the surprises coming from their Barrel Project. They have been aging beers in barrels since last year. It wasn't until early last month that they added a 2,000sqft Barrel Aging facility. The barrels consists of Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Syrah. The last release was a [...]


Wander Brewing Doubles Capacity, Adds Barrel Aging Facility

Just received this press release from Colleen at Wander Brewing. Great things are afoot at Wander Brewing. Head on down there and take a peek at what's happening! --------------------------- BELLINGHAM, WA. (March 12, 2015) Wander Brewing is excited to announce our recent installation of additional cellaring tanks to expand our beer [...]


Bellingham’s Breweries and Food Trucks Support Each Other

Bellingham is rich with breweries and tap houses. We also have a growing food truck scene. My unofficial count is somewhere around ~30 food trucks. Everything from ice cream, to BBQ, meat pies and pizza. Currently, only a fraction of these are being used at breweries. But there are more breweries on [...]


Bellingham’s Brewery Boom: Just how many can this city sustain?

With every new brewery that opens in Bellingham, I hear the same question in one form or another: Can Bellingham support yet another brewery? My short answer is a resounding YES. What follows is my long answer. Currently, there are five breweries in Bellingham – Boundary Bay, Chuckanut, Kulshan, Wander, and [...]

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