Pint Points

  • Aslan hosts their Best Beard in Bellingham competition on November 28th! If you’ve been participating in No Shave November or just have a killer beard all year round, you can pre-register here.
  • GRUFF hosts a special holiday pop up market today with local vendors from 12-5, so get a head start on your holiday shopping while supporting small local businesses, and of course, enjoy a beer while you do it!
  • Lost Giants has a super tasty and seasonally appropriate infusion this week, make sure you get a glass of their Cran-Rosemary infused Semi-sweet before it’s gone!
  • Structures celebrates their 3rd anniversary starting with opening the entire brewery on Friday, November 30 to enjoy a bunch of new releases they are very excited about. The next day, they release two special beers in cans and bottles, before closing early and heading to The Shakedown for a special show. Check out their Instagram for details, and get your tickets to Blackwater Holylight at Structures or The Shakedown website.

-New Beers-

Aslan Brewing Co.

Raspberry Dojo Fruited Saison

This saison style ale comes from the same base that Blueberry Dojo originated from. The processes used for making the beers in the Dojo series are identical, stemming from the same initial brew. What differs is the fruit in which each is named after. In all cases the complexity of the fermentation is driven by the native microflora that naturally existed on the fruit. Raspberry Dojo is noticeably more sour than its predecessor. Some of that comes from the natural acidity that is more prevalent in raspberries, the rest is attributable to the higher concentration of lactic acid bacteria that was clearly present on the fruit. The temperament of this beer is driven by balance, which allows it to be wildly complex. The contact time on fruit lasted from August 15th, 2017, through August 1st, 2018.

6.2% ABV

Mandarina Queen Single Hop IPA

Brewed in the same manner as Simcoe Slice, this luminous and lush IPA uses only Mandarina Bavaria hops. This somewhat newer German varietal is known for its ability to kick out lots of dank melon notes. While intentionally very similar to Simcoe Slice, the hop character is profoundly different; exuding very ripe honeydew and cantaloupe overtones. A conditioning period of over two weeks, below freezing, helped create the stability and beautiful brightness in this IPA.

6.8% ABV

Herb’s Cider

Single Ratamacue Orange & Spice Cider

This brand new cider is available in 750 mL bottles. Make sure you pick one up before they’re gone! We’ve heard these go pretty well with holiday dinners…

Melvin Brewing Bellingham


If you like the Apline, WY original 2×4 IIPA, you’ll love the Bellingham brewed 4×8 IIIPA.

This beer is so smooth you would never know the IIIPA rings in at 12% ABV!

Menace Brewing

Optimenace Prime

This beer was a collaboration with Primer Coffee, and the product was a delicious and smooth coffee blended version of the Muinness Dry Stout. Because it was blended with cold brew, there’s a caffeine kick too!

4% ABV

Wander Brewing

Act One Coolship Oak-Aged Blend

This very special beer from Wander deserves an explanation straight from the source:

“Today we release the first chapter of a performance nearly 3 years in the making. In early 2016, we designed and fabricated the first commercial coolship in Washington State. That autumn, we put the vessel to use capturing wild yeast and bacteria spontaneously in the evening air. Act One is a blend of multiple coolship brews that have been aged for up to two years in oak. This beer was not inoculated with any previously captured, lab, or commercially available yeast or bacteria. It is 100% spontaneous from the air of Whatcom County on the nights we coolshiped. The finished blend was subsequently aged on Balaton cherries for three months and then bottle and keg conditioned for an additional three months. Dry effervescence, smooth cherry character, and deep Brettanomyces funk. The curtains have been raised, the lights have been dimmed. Please silence your cell phone and enjoy the show. 500ML bottle conditioned. 75 cases produced. $14/bottle.”

3 Ton Barleywine

This barleywine is a Wander Thanksgiving tradition, and a blend of their old and young barleywines that have been sitting in two of their oldest barrels, originally from Wild Turkey and Westland Whiskey. You can find this in 500 mL bottles as well as Magnum bottles at the brewery.

12.3% ABV