Pint Points

  • Need plans for New Years Eve? Lucky for you, Bellingham Tap Trail pitstops are throwing parties and dinners throughout town. Check out their Instagram’s for more details on each event.
  • Structures is releasing more of their Sunday Juice today at 3 pm, a bottle conditioned saison refermented with blood orange juice. The newest batch of FUZZ, their crowd favorite IPA, will also be released! Maybe think about getting in line now…
  • Lost Giants’ weekly infusion is a coffee bean infused dry cider! Sounds like a sensory adventure so check it out before it’s gone.
  • Happy 21st Anniversary, North Fork Brewery!
  • Chuckanut Brewing’s cooler is full up with Vienna, Pilsner, Dunkel, Bock and Baltic Porter.

-New Pints-

Structures Brewing


ZIPPY was brewed with 50% white wheat, 50% 2 row, 5 pounds of dried chamomile and a dash of corriander. Unlike a traditional wit beer, lemon zest and the juice from the 50 pounds of lemons were hand zested and juiced into the fermenter at the end of fermentation. This is a beer likely built for summer, but since it’s citrus season.

3.97% ABV

The North Fork Brewery

Brother Crazy John’s Quadrupel

Released on their 21st anniversary, The North Fork released this delicious quad just in time to warm you up in this chilly weather. Quads are notoriously boozy in the best way, so expect something great!

Melvin Brewing Bellingham

Resilience IPA

Melvin’s take on Sierra Nevada’s national call to breweries making a beer benefiting Camp Fire relief, is now on tap!