For a town of this size you sure do pack a craft beer punch. All eight of our breweries seem to kick out new beers every week. We’ll do these Tap Roundups when the feeling is right! They’ll cover beers released in about a week’s time of writing. This week there are a few new-ish releases from Aslan, Chuckanut and Structures.

Photo By Damian Vines

Photo By Damian Vines

Aslan Brewing

Unicorn Picnic

Big, fruity and funky – that’s what unicorn picnics and this beer have in common. To re-create the epicness of a gathering of unicorns having a picnic we took our Dawn Patrol and fermented it entirely with Brettanomyces Lambicus in red wine barrels for several months. What came out was a beer like no other. It’s full of tropical fruit notes, has all that wonderful brett-funk on the nose, and leaves behind a light tartness. So raise a glass to all the unicorns in the world and join the picnic!

– 6.3% ABV // 18 IBU // 1.054 OG

Big body + fruity + funky

Hops: Cascade, Palisade
Malt: 2-Row Pale, C-60, Munich, Rye

*Coming Soon!: Blood Orange Farmhouse Ale

Chuckanut Brewery

Photo by Damian Vines

Photo by Damian Vines

Mexican Style Lager

A traditional Mexican style lager is the color of sunshine with a light body, slightly bready malt flavor and thirst quenching finish. What makes this Mexican Style beer special is the use of NW grown and malted Alba barley straight from Skagit Valley! The Skagit Valley maltsters have malted the barley a special light color just for Chuckanut to use in order to create this typical Mexican low alcohol lager.

FOOD PAIRING // Mexican Style Lager goes very well with any spicy foods whether soups, salads, appetizers or entrees!

OG: 11.5 Plato   ABV: 4.4%   IBU’S: 22.

12744519_1309620762397244_594293705428749937_nStructures Brewing

Melted IPA

Fresh off their recent Electric Wizard IPA, James is releasing this 6.7% beauty called Melted IPA. Brewed with Citra and Calypso.