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Pint Points

  • There’s more than substantive rumors of a brewery or two in the works within Bellingham city limits. The locations vary, such as discussions at the waterfront development. It all confirms that Bellingham’s brewery market is expanding and healthy. We hear LOTS of plans and rumors, so just a reminder that news of a brewery in the “works” is a far cry from them actually breaking ground. But stay tuned for more info.
  • As you drive by Melvin Brewing, you’ll see the work has increased significantly. Walls are being knocked down. Ducts are being placed. Melvin is one of Bellingham Beer Week’s 2017 sponsors!
  • Illuminati Brewing is scheduled to open sometime in the coming months, but details are fuzzy. There have been rumblings on their Facebook Page and Instagram of them brewing a Triple IPA that’s “released” on Bob Marley’s birthday. But no reports that it’s open to actually release it.
  • Last weekend, Bellingham celebrated WA Beer Open house with the rest of the state. What did you get into?
  • Wander Brewing has started Community Tuesdays. $1 of every beer sold will go to an employee’s chosen organization.
  • Make sure to checkout our Beer Events Calendar to see all our events through March.

–New Beers–

Boundary Bay Brewery

Galbraith Mountain Pale Ale

Wander Brewing

Belgo-American IPA

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