Pint Points

  • Join Aslan and Kulshan for the release of Mountain Lion IPA on April 5th at the Aslan Depot. This is Aslan’s first collaboration with a brewery in Bellingham proper, exciting stuff! There will be two packaged options available, don’t miss it!
  • Stones Throw hosts their 3 year anniversary block party this Saturday, these are always a blast, so make sure you go wish them a happy birthday. It’s a beautiful weekend to turn 3- cheers, Stones Throw!
  • Illuminati has extended their hours! Meaning there is now more time for delicious beer and barbecue. Monday-Thursday 11:30-9pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30-10pm and Sunday 11:30-8pm
  • The Kulshan Beer Olympics are on April 19th and registration is open now! If you wanna compete in the ultimate beer games, sign up quick to ensure your spot.
  • This Saturday don’t miss a special Structures bottle release! Skagit Blend, a raspberry and blueberry saison style ale will be released when Structures opens at noon.
  • This week’s Lost Giants infusion is a Lemongrass-Infused Semi-Sweet cider! These guys get so creative with their infusions, you don’t want to miss out on trying any of them.

-New Pints-

Atwood Ales

Raccoon Bacchanal Sour Ale with Grapes

“In years past, our small crop of grapes has been decimated in a single night by a group of mischievous raccoons who leave only their muddy footprints on our grape trellises. After a mixed-primary fermentation with saison yeast and brettanomyces, red grape must was added to secondary, bringing hints of rosé, with very mild acidity and light funk notes. This beer’s acidity, aromas and flavors will continue to evolve over time due to the presence of wild yeast and bacteria from the grape skins. Dry hopping with Hallertau Blanc adds additional, subtleties of white grape, gooseberry and mild tropical fruit.”

5.2% ABV

Vers l’Ouest Brett Saison

“Vers l’Ouest, or “Westward,” is the very first beer fermented in our newest tank, an open fermenter formerly used to produce lagers at North Fork Brewery in Deming. Vers l’Ouest is a very dry, crisp and refreshing saison-style beer with light spice, stone fruit and very mild barnyard funk flavors and aromas. Fermented with a mixed culture of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts, and then bottle conditioned for 5 months. Brewed with estate-grown Cascade hops; Citra and Crystal hops; Canadian oats; and Skagit Valley barley and wheat malts.”

4.9% ABV

Autumn Rabbit Farmhouse Ale with Carrots

“What’s up, doc? This amber-hued, biere de garde style, farmhouse ale was not brewed with rabbits. Toasty malts and the light sweetness of candied carrots fade away to earthy, musty notes, a wisp of black pepper and ginger, and the mild, lingering astringency of black tea on the finish. Brewed with 100% estate-grown carrots and hops.”

6.1% ABV

Kulshan Brewing Co.

Westfalen Exportbier

Originating in the city of Dortmund, Export Lagers were up until 1990 the most popular style of beer in Germany, and are renowned for their soft, rounded malt character.  Our rendition, a recipe created by Bellingham home-brewer Jason Mantello (winner of the Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition), has lovely crackery malt character, as well as subtle herbal and floral hop notes.  Exquisitely well balanced, Westfalen Exportbier is smooth and sessionable, with a slightly sweet bready finish.

Buzz-Thru Honey Blonde

This light bodied brew has a mild, lingering honey sweetness with zippy carbonation for balance. The perfect springtime beer? Maybee? Perhapzzz?

Lost Giants Cider Company & The North Fork Brewery

Giant Fork Brett Saison

Made in a barrel from the Lost Giants barrel-aged cider series, this saison is the first installment of a series of it’s own. Lost Giants and North Fork will pass this barrel back and forth to make beers and ciders… Things are about to get funky.

Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter

This baltic porter was whisky barrel aged and comes out at 8.2%

Illuminati Brewing

Into the Mist

American IPA (5.9% ABV). Think dank hop forest filling your senses with hop overload! Subtle tastes of mango and mandarin finishing with an earthy bite makes this a refreshing and balanced IPA. Over 7 lbs of hops were added per BBL in this wonderfully sessionable IPA. Brewed using Skagit Valley and local malts, Yakima hops, and fresh water from Mt. Baker.