Pint Points

  • Monday nights at the Aslan Depot are now Industry Nights! If you are in the service industry, get $1 off beers or $10 off bottles of wine. Enjoy!
  • You can finally pick up Elizabeth Station’s collaboration brew with Breakside Brewing out of Portland, In the City of Flowers, at the station. The label speaks for itself but knowing both sides of this collaboration, the beer is just as awesome.
  • Stones Throw hosted a women in beer brewing event on Thursday, international women’s day. Keep your eyes peeled for the delicious pale coming your way at the brewery in just a matter of time.
  • Illuminati will be hanging out at Best Buds Gaming Lounge in Fairhaven from 6-9 pm on March 10 to introduce their new Best Buds Light beer. Come hang and play your favorite games and enjoy a deliciously drinkable lager.
  • Kulshan will be hosting Beer+Yoga at K2 at 1:30 pm on Saturday, March 10. Sign up online here.

-New Beers-

Aslan Depot

High Plains Drifter

5% ABV, 8 IBU

A mixture of pilsner, wheat, and rye malts make up the base structure of this beer. Fermentation and aging were carried out entirely in french oak that had only been used once for a Petit Verdot, giving the beer a subtle layer of oak character. A diverse group of single-celled organisms are responsible for the fermentation and ester creation that brought this beer to life, inevitably altering its structure over the course of 14 months in oak. A month prior to bottling, all of the barrels involved in the final blend were individually dry hopped with Moteuka hops, lending generous notes of kaffir lime.

Cave Dog (Rye Stout)

4.7% ABV // medium body + dark chocolate, coffee + dry
A take on a traditional dry stout – full of roasted barley depth, welcoming bitterness, and balanced coffee character all amplified by the complexity of rye malt. The pleasant chocolate aroma is followed by a rich mouthfeel and dry finish, making this beer an approachable and ABV friendly option.

Kulshan Brewing Co.

Brown Ale

It’s malty, hoppy, estery, sweet, slightly bitter with light roast. This brown ale is the classic brown ale in every flavor category.

Structures Brewing

Isle of Bones IPA

This IPA was brewed in a freshly dumped bourbon barrel and conditioned with blood orange, then dry hopped with Calypso hops. It has notes of bourbon, peach, overripe oranges and lime.

Wander Brewing


Dark copper colored, malt forward, and a delicious balance of German beachwood smoked barley and noble hops that keep you returning sip after sip.

Menace Brewing

Walking Distance IPA

Brewed with Citra and Mosaic

Illuminati Brewing

Boardwalk Empire IPA

Brewed using a grain bill reminiscent of a pre-prohibition Cream Ale but hopped like a modern Northwest IPA with Cluster, Amarillo, and Belma.