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Pint Points

  • Melvin Brewing is moving quickly towards opening. Owner Jeremy Tofte tells us that they hope to be open by June. The floors are getting sealed right now, see the video here.
    • Side Note: Melvin just ordered ELEVEN (11) 240bbl tanks for their Wyoming brewery
    • Many of the beers at the new Bellingham location will differ greatly from those beers we’re used to. In an interview with Brewbound in January, Tofte said they’ll be focusing on Swedish beers. No hops in these beers
  • Wander and Melvin are teaming again this year to brew a Bellingham Beer Week beer.
    • There is no official BBW Beer this year. All breweries can choose if and how they brew a BBW beer. That means LOTS of beer!

      Spring Summer Map

  • Elizabeth Station is celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary this weekend. Their anniversary ale is brewed by Structures Brewing and is called Five and Forward and it’s an IPA. Brewed with Mosaic, African Queen, Chinook. 7% ABV. Tapped this Friday.
  • Structures is releasing another can today called Seeing Things. Brewed with Oats and hopped with Nelson, Mosaic and Chinook. 8.5% ABV. They say it’s the hoppiest beer they’ve brewed to date. $18 a 16oz four pack. It will also be on draft. No limits.
  • The new Tap Trail map hits streets on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. Get Stampin’!
  • Gruff Brewing plans to brew some beers with Obsidian malt. They plan to brew beers with little to no hops in conjunction with it.
  • Menace Brewing is working on it’s new beer garden. The owner tells us it should be done no later than mid-May.
  • North Fork says the massive amounts of snow up Hwy 542 (10+ft at Baker in 9 days) have put a hurting on their sales because they had to close. They could use your support. Grab your Tap Trail Passports and head up there!

–New Beers–

Structures Brewing

Five and Forward IPA

7% ABV

Seeing Things IPA

8.5% ABV

(Cans and Draft)